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It's time for the people to build the metaverse, together.

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What is PalmDAO?

PalmDAO is here to push the metaverse forward. We collect the best NFTs and create game-ready assets around them. Think avatars, buildings, music, wearables, vehicles, weapons, emotes, and much more.

DAO members are able to utilize those assets in Nifty Island and in other game worlds. Think of PalmDAO as a community of metaverse pioneers, a collector DAO, and a decentralized studio for stellar game-ready assets all in one.


We believe that every NFT project should have a suite of game-ready assets built around them, enabling holders to have incredible experiences together. Those assets should be built by and for the individuals and communities that make web3 great. PalmDAO is here to further the creation of a new bottom up internet folklore. It's about putting the people in charge of culture and giving them the tools to create together.

We also believe that the best NFTs should be accessible to everyone. PalmDAO allows palm holders to benefit from the utility of a vast NFT collection, regardless of how much capital they have.


PalmDAO is a representative democracy governed by Legendary Palm holders. There are 6 tiers of palms. The holders of each tier elect a representative to the Palm Council. The Nifty Island team holds a seventh seat on the council. Palm Council members meet regularly to vote on proposals from the community. Members can propose which NFTs the DAO will acquire and how DAO funds should be used to commission game assets based on those NFTs.


Rather than wait for NFT projects to build 3D avatars and metaverse experiences, we want to let the community sponsor the creation of the metaverse from the bottom-up. PalmDAO will commission great artists to create game-ready assets based on the NFTs we acquire. If you want to collaborate with PalmDAO as a creator, please reach out.

Supported Projects

Bored Ape Yacht Club
Clone X- X Takashi Murakami
The Idols
Creature World
Cool Cats
tiny dinos (eth)
Forest Spirits by ZENFT
Loser Club
Synth Heads
Milady Maker
Chain Runners
Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult
Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild
Shinsei Galverse
Secret Society of Whales
Lostboy NFT
Tubby Cats
Monks of Crypto

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